Amigurumi materials

A lot of people ask me this question: what materials do you use? what are amigurumis made of?

In this post, I will try to answer all these questions for you to have a better understanding of what these lovely toys are made of.

Please consider that this is based on my personal knowledge and experience.

What is an amigurumi?

An amigurumi is a crocheted doll or toy. It is composed by 3D parts worked in rounds. This makes the seams invisible and gives the finished product a very neat look.

You can find amigurumis in all different shapes, colors and looks, there is no restrictions. You can find them inspired on kawaii or anime characters, amongst other themes.

Tea Cup amigurumi from AmigurumiToday
Anime Character from Ravelry

Materials used for Amigurumi

Amigurumis are normally made of yarn and filled up with acrylic fiber. Some are even decorated with safety eyes and noses (small pieces clipped or sewed from the inside of the toy so they stay permanently attached).

Safety Eyes

My yarn of choice is usually cotton, because it is very easy to crochet, as the hook doesn’t easily goes in between the threads. It also comes in a wide range of colors, you can choose from pastel tones to more vibrant colors.

Cotton thread

As for the filling of the amigurumis there is also a couple of valid options, polyester and organic virgin wool are very often used. I personally use acrylic option as it is easier to work with and cost-wise is the more obvious reason. Also, it is very easy to wash and some kinds are hypoallergenic, which is very good when making toys for small children.

How big are Amigurumis?

These toys can be made in any shape and size; from one the size of a fingertip, to one as big as a statue. The most common size however, is usually 15-20 cm high.

The size is very variable depending on the use given to the amigurumi: is it a cute cactus for decoration? Is it part of a baby nursery piece? Is it for a keychain?

The same pattern can be transformed into very different sizes, only by changing the thickness of the yarn and needle.

For instance, I was recently asked to make a lion, and I was given an approximate measure. With this in mind, I found a pattern and looked for the best yarn, I ended up using a doubled cotton yarn. And the result was perfect!

My biggest piece to time

It was a lot of work, but it was worth the while, don’t you think?


I hope this post helped you to understand what Amigurumis are, and get you to discover more of this amazing world.

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