How long do toys last?

The words children and toys come naturally together. So do colors, mess, quantity and,of course, broken.

As I was a child (not so long ago, if you wonder…) I used to have my favourite toys or the ones I would play more often with. These basically consisted of stuffed animals and Barbies (I used to collect them… even after all these years I can’t let them go!).

But I also remember toys I didn’t really like, or that I stopped playing with because the batteries died and we never replaced them….

As many of you know, the first toy I crocheted was for my niece, a bit longer than a year now. Back then, my knowledge of crochet was not very wide, and had not crochet a single thing in about a year or so. Even before I started with the amigurumi technique, I tried to knit a teddy bear and the result was… well, it quite belonged better in a horror film than in a baby nursery.

But why did I make a toy?

Well, I put some thought to it. I actually knitted a jumper for her. She wore it once. Maximum twice. And then she grew. And kept on growing. I look at the jumper, and all I can think is: so much work for such a short usage!

Then something clicked on my mind: toys. A little cuddly thing she could have for forever (like I have my own for 23 years now). Something she will look at when she is older and say: my aunt made THIS for me. In fact, I wanted her to have something that stood out in her room; out of the standard plastic toys mass produced in third world countries.

So I did.

And people loved it. And I loved it too.

I enjoy so much the process of creating these toys, each one of them acquiring their own personality as I crochet or add the final touches. It is actually a bit hard  to see them go. But I am also happy they are going on adventures with some lucky child.

If you want to purchase a toy (or toys) from me or want me to work on a custom order for you, please contact me or go to my Etsy shop.

In the meantime, let me show you some photos of my latests toys:

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