Do you know those days where you look around and think: where does all this mess comes from?

There was I, few days already into the month of September. It was my day off and I wanted to rest, but it was very nice outside that I actually wanted to feel productive.

So I looked around our tiny apartment and think: this needs to be organized. I took my yarn box(es) and sorted the content, realized how much yarn I actually own… and then I see it: All those started projects that never saw a finishing point. A jacket for Martin for the Oktoberfest (now I realize I won’t finish it on time. I started it in March. Only 30 cm from the back knitted), a deer I was supposed to give to my grandmother (the head and one and a half leg done. Started in June). A mohair jacket I started last night… (don’t judge), two pumpkins that were due to be delivered by the 24th of September… And those started to pile up next to the others I already had in mind. Decided in that very moment I needed an intervention. From me to me.

I decided I will finish as many projects as possible before the month of September ended. Also, I couldn’t buy any yarn until that point. I would like to say that I was true to myself, but… We Are Knitters was having a 25% percent sale on their WHOLE website. And that does not happen too often. I HAD to buy supplies. Not sure for what though… I am indeed, a yarn hoarder.

This has however, helped me in very unexpected ways.

I realized I work better if I have a timeline. Even when it is set by me. I was making the most of my time,I was making clothes for me, feeling very proud and even was I able to finish THE gray jacket I started to make… can’t even remember when. It was the biggest pain in the ass. I thought I could just go without a pattern AND add a beautiful design on the back with different colors on the back. Drawing the sketches was already a mess, but once I reached the sleeves (finally!) it wouldn’t fit at all… After this wonderful experience, I am not embarking myself in such a venture again. Never ever.

Here you can see a picture of both the jackets I finished (the white one was veeeery quick and easy)

My biggest clothing accomplishments!

After knowing I am able to do this, I asked myself, why not more?

So there is more to come. I am going to test myself with a new challenge every month. Are you with me?

Let’s do this October!