Changing La Belle Chloe

Sustainable and plastic free toys

I have always been crazy about energy saving and recycling. I was the one at home running behind all the family members like if I were a very engaged Greenpeace activist: switch off the light, why are you spending 20 minutes on the shower wasting water and energy when you can do it in 5, you can reuse that paper to write something else, use the public transport (or the bike or walk) instead of the car, learn how and what to recycle! Those were my anthems and I was very proud of them.

Until I moved to Germany to work as an au pair, and saw the amount of plastic and trash a family of 6 could produce in just three days. It was insane.

After that, I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment, which is teeny weeny. And we had to share the closet. An IKEA sized closet. My clothes just wouldn’t fit. So I took a look at it: I don’t need most of the things I have. I don’t even wear so many jumpers through the winter. So I took a look at my pile of clothes and decided I would give away the ones that I knew I would not wear anymore. I thought I was being very environmentally friendly, I was determined not to spend my money and my time in the second most polluting industry in the World.

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I was convinced I was being super environmentalist. Like, my friends were spending all this money on things they won’t wear next year. But then I came across the Zero Waste movement. Apparently, there was this family living producing no trash whatsoever. Wait, what? Is that even possible? What kind of weirdos are these?

But I started reading articles, watching interviews, reading books, asking people around… and it all seemed so easy. Seriously easy. It is just simple swaps. And you can reduce the amount of trash you produce drastically. So I talked with Martin (aka boyfriend) and told him wanted to do it, I wanted to reduce the amount of plastic I consumed, but I would respect if he wouldn’t want to do the same. Amazingly, he wanted to join me on my life changing quest (believe it or not, he is the bigger supporter of the cause at home). So we started to reduce the amount of plastic that we brought home. Slowly, but surely.

And then it hit me. I am the one bringing the BIGGEST amount of plastic home. All my yarn, my materials are wrapped in plastic. My toys are filled with plastic (polyester filling). My toys have plastic on them! I was so ashamed of myself in that moment. I couldn’t believe I was trying to live a “wasteless” life and, at the same time, I was selling other people plastic and polluting materials. What was I going to do? Keep on doing what I love pretending it has nothing to do with my lifestyle or stop feeling like a hypocrite and close up business?

All I see in this picture is cute small amounts of plastic

After many sleepless nights, I saw it very clearly:  I did not have to choose any of those. I would just use materials that do not harm the environment AND that help smaller and eco-business to grow.

In order to achieve this goal, things will start to change around here. I will:

  • make interviews
  • publish tips and simple swaps
  • change all my materials to natural/organic
  • keep on investigating on how to protect the environment

Do you want to help me? Tell me your ideas.

Do you know a super eco material I could use? Please tell me! I would love to experiment!

Please bare with me as the shop and the page goes through some good changes. It will be worth it.