Start Again

Here  I am again, starting a new blog post. But this one is different. This one is full of confidence and courage to pursue a dream. Off to a new start.

I have been trying to define my brand and the products I sell for too long. I know how to do plenty of things. Also, I can learn how to do a lot more. But what was missing was the passion on those things. I was talking recently with a colleague about this topic and she was finding herself in the same position. Therefore I can assume that this is very common amongst crafters, right? However, this was no help for me, I needed to know that the path I chose this time was the right one.

And it is. I enjoy making toys, giving them personality. It is the best feeling to see the people amazed when they see me crocheting a toy. I feel joy.

But not everyday is a wonderful day. Sometimes it is tough to believe that you can succeed. However,I have learnt not to give up. Whenever I am feeling down I read this sentence:

Therefore, I decided to believe that my dream is beautiful, to go after what I want and work really hard for it.

So here I go. Inspired by the great Eleanor Roosevelt and by everything around me.

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Here is to new starts.